Crash Landing you: The defector whom brought North-South romance that is korean life

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Crash Landing you: The defector whom brought North-South romance that is korean life

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An implausible love story in which a (literally) high-flying South Korean heiress unintentionally paraglides into North Korea, lands on a soldier and falls in deep love with him has transformed into the latest Korean drama smash hit.

Crash Landing it achieved by having a real-life North Korean defector on its writing team, as BBC Korean’s Subin Kim explains on you is in many ways a typical K-drama romance, but has been widely praised for its well-researched and nuanced portrayal of North Korea, something.

Together with broad arms and torso that is thick Kwak Moon-wan has all of the look of the bodyguard.

That is most likely because until 2004, he served utilizing the Supreme Guard Command, the elite safety force which protects North Korea’s ruling Kim household.

He had been therefore trusted he ended up being assigned to get results offshore too, for a North Korean trade company in Moscow that was attracting much needed currency that is foreign.

Merely a choose few North Koreans are permitted to the office away from nation, also to make sure their loyalty that is continued the have measures set up – Kwak needed to keep their spouse and son behind in North Korea.

In 2004, he had been purchased to return to Pyongyang. Throughout a stopover in Beijing, he found out one of his true buddies in Moscow had reported for their bosses in Pyongyang what he had said in personal discussion.

He knew instantly that exactly exactly just what he’d stated would cause huge difficulty whenever he got house.

During our discussion in a restaurant in Seoul, Kwak kept glancing around to check on whom could be nearby. He speech is easy, or even dull, but Kwak would not duplicate if you ask me just exactly what he stated. He’d just state he had talked as to what he saw while escorting people of the Kim household in those days.

So he made a decision to defect. Alone. And then he has resided in Southern Korea without their family members from the time.

„we have only one shadow if the sunlight arises,” Kwak said. „which is my entire life in Southern Korea.”

After showing up in Southern Korea, Kwak, like huge number of North Korean defectors, started the entire process of developing a new lease of life. Plus it took a twist that is remarkable of for Kwak to locate their means to the booming realm of Korean activity.

From defector to movie adviser

Before going into the armed forces, Kwak had invested time studying movie. Right Back when you look at the 1980s, the North film that is korean ended up being booming, because of then frontrunner Kim Jong Il’s well-known love of the art.

At that time, Kwak ended up being going to set about further training, in which he finished up being accepted to examine movie directing in Pyongyang University of Dramatic and Cinematic Arts.

Soon after Kwak found its way to Southern Korea, a famous filmmaker whom ended up being focusing on a North Korea-themed film task approached Southern Korea’s spy agency asking for a few advice.

Kwak had simply completed their interrogations, the main resettlement procedure new defectors go through, by which he’d discussed their movie abilities.

The agency place him in contact with the filmmaker, whom offered him task at their movie business. Kwak accepted it straight away.

He continued to focus as an adviser and a screenwriter on lots of movies and dramas, plus in 2018 a previous colleague introduced Kwak to Park Ji-eun, your head author of the drama.

She had show up with a sense of a intimate comedy featuring a North Korean officer and a South Korean heiress, but her absence of intimate familiarity with north life had been a pressing concern.

Kwak joining the team kick-started the Crash Landing on You project.

Undercover spies and children that are homeless

The show is now probably one of the most effective dramas that is korean of time. It tells the storyline of heiress and businesswoman Yoon Se-ri and North army that is korean Ri Jeong-hyuk.

While out paragliding 1 day, Se-ri gets swept up by freak winds, and pressed within the edge into North Korea. She actually is discovered by the dashing Jeong-hyuk, whom in the place of turning her in agrees to help keep her safe and help her get back home. Inevitably, they fall in love.

Kwak’s intimate familiarity with exactly just just how North Korean officials run meant he had been in a position to add plot MaturesForFuck quizzes that is ingenious.

For instance, at one point, secret authorities run into Se-ri hiding in a town. Jeong-hyuk quickly arises with all the line that she actually is a spy with Division 11, the unit that is military works undercover when you look at the Southern.

That will help explain her accent that is southern absence of documents along with her appearance, and provided the type the freedom to explore the town and connect to other people, while refusing to respond to their questions regarding her life on protection grounds.

Through the entire show, you will find depictions of life which may be produced legitimate through the insights of somebody like Kwak.

Trains are shown suddenly stopping due to energy cuts, homeless kiddies in the roads, and fridges used to store publications and clothing rather than food.

Kwak additionally assisted produce a subplot when you look at the drama, of some other set of star-crossed fans through the North and South, Gu Seung-joon and Search Engine Optimization.

After embezzling an amount that is huge of from Se-ri’s sibling, Seung-joon continues the run, and chooses to look for refuge in North Korea.

„North Korea may be the place that is only Interpol can not reach,” Kwak says.

Will it be correct that North Korea provides protection for desired crooks in return for a hefty sum of money? „It should indeed be plausible,” Kwak states. „that is all let me state.”

Praise off their defectors

Some have actually accused Crash Landing for you of glamorising North Korea. For instance, villagers appear to have an abundance of meals – however in truth food shortages are a recurring issue.

However these details that are nuanced hardly ever seen by South Koreans, as well as the drama has also got other defectors excited.

Chun Hyo-jin, whom defected when she had been 19, said the drama does deviate from reality but that will not dent her passion because of it. The majority of her household are now actually residing in the South, while the drama has grown to become a regular subject.

„Every time it is on atmosphere, we call one another on the phone and speak about the drama,” Chun states.

„It’s made the folks enthusiastic about North Korea. It gets my buddies to ask me personally about North Korea and I also’m actually grateful for this.”

It is also won praise from individuals like Sokeel Park, who works closely with defectors through Liberty in North Korea.

„Its depiction of numerous facets of North society that is korean obviously been completely researched, ensuing when you look at the many three-dimensional depiction of North Korean culture of every movie or drama up to now,” he told the BBC.

„It is refreshing exactly exactly exactly how it portrays various facets of North Korean culture without unnecessarily moving judgement, and shows North Koreans as complex individuals who are fundamentally relatable as well as lovable, even when they truly are culturally various.”

It is distinguished that North Koreans, especially the kiddies, are fans of K-drama too – so when Crash Landing for you accurately illustrates, plenty of South Korean films and dramas are smuggled into North Korea.

Kwak claims he’sn’t been aware of any North Korean who may have watched the drama.

„I’m certain they’ll be extremely interested. It’s their tale. It is about them.

„And we reckon that especially North Korean males would feel extremely grateful to possess a guy that is handsome Hyun Bin to relax and play one of these,” he chuckled.